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The professional solution for IT

Protec UK® provides a whole host of professional services.

  • Cyber Security
  • Secure encrypted communications
  • Onsite location support for IT
  • Network/Server/Computer maintenance
  • Professional IT and office relocation
  • Network consultation and design
  • Business continuity planning and management
  • BlackBerry® configuration and device integration
  • Technology Evaluation and Advisory Service
  • Bespoke Database creation and integration
  • Remote Desktop/Workstation Access
  • Professional decommissioning of IT systems
  • Confidential Certified Data Destruction
  • Live Video and Audio Streaming
  • Wireless Network/HotSpot installation and consultancy
  • Off-Site automated Backup Solutions
  • Network trouble shooting
  • Network Security
  • Server/Workstation installation
  • Secure Remote Access
  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Setup and implementation of AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy)
  • Large file upload and FTP transfers
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • IG Governance Compliance
  • 'Next Day' Nationwide Hardware Replacement*
  • Webcasting and remote video access
  • NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Typical 'on-site' priority response time of 2 hours**
* 'Next-Day' Hardware replacement subject to terms and conditions. Further details available on request.
** Our typical priority attendance time is 2 hours from acknowledgement of attendance request.