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The professional solution for IT

Cast & Crew

Protec UK® are proud to provide full technical and product support to production companies, studios, cast and crew.
From sourcing hardware and software at the right price, to providing complete technical and product support.
Below are just some of the specialist services that we offer:
  • Temporary/semi-permanent/short-term remote location broadband
  • Technical liaison
  • Professional unbiased technical advice
  • Professional encryption of portable devices to protect against loss
  • HD LIVE 'streaming' of both audio and video over the internet
  • Apple® Hardware leasing and purchase
  • Editing Suite installation and support
  • Technical and Product Support
  • Data recovery from hard drives, data cards and flash drives
  • Gadget Assistance
  • Priority Data Recovery Service
  • 'Next-Day' Nationwide Hardware Replacement*
  • Remote Wifi
  • Network installation and setup
  • Typical priority on-site response time of 2 hours**
  • IT consultation and support
  • Network consultation and design
  • Web casting and Remote Video Access
  • NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Large file upload and FTP transfers
  • Remote desktop/workstation access
  • Off-site automated backup solutions
  • Setup and implementation of AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy)
  • Data Protection compliance
  * 'Next-Day' Hardware replacement subject to terms and conditions. Further details available on request.
** Our typical priority attendance time is 2 hours from acknowledgement of attendance request.