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Heart Essex (Formerly Essex FM)

Protec UK® are proud to have implemented, configured and provided the LIVE video stream for this event.
This enabled the show to been seen 'LIVE' via our webcast across the internet.
©2007 Protec UK® & The Underwater Studio. All rights reserved.
Audio ©2007 Essex FM/Heart Essex/GCap Media PLC. All rights reserved.
Protec UK® would like to congratulate Martin Day who was supported by Su Harrison and
Alex Williamson (The morning crew apprentice) from Heart Essex on setting a new underwater LIVE radio
broadcast record.
In November 2007, Martin Day successfully broadcast his show underwater, LIVE for a massive 3 Hours and 41 Minutes!
Protec UK® are proud to have provided full IT and technical support to both Heart Essex and The Underwater Studio
in Basildon, Essex where the new record was set.
Underwater Broadcast New World Record
Protec UK® specialise in 'live' video and audio streaming of events over the internet.
Our specialist knowledge helped Phoenix Divers and Maria Holland of BHR1287 set a new Guinness World Record.
©2010 Protec UK & Diagonal UK. All rights reserved.

Protec UK
® would like to congratulate Maria Holland from BHR 1287 on breaking the
worlds longest underwater LIVE radio broadcast record at The Underwater Studio, in Basildon, Essex.

On Saturday 13th November 2010 at 10.30hrs Maria successfully broadcast her show 'LIVE' for a massive
4 Hours, 4 Minutes and 23 seconds, 6 metres (20ft) underwater!
Help 4 Heroes
Behind the scenes footage of the worlds 1st ever Underwater Gun Run on 24th & 25th September 2011 two day event was streamed live over the internet by Protec UK from The Underwater Studio on behalf of Phoenix Divers Limited
Both events were the brainchild of Debbie and Phil Richardson of Phoenix Divers.
Protec UK
® are proud to have implemented, configured and provided the LIVE video and audio streams for both of these events.